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        I find, more often than not, thoughts are hard for me to get out….i’m not sure how I can accurately describe the feelings I had when looking through these photos but I do know that my heart aches (in a very good way) for the amount of love I see through Joy’s eyes.

        After our renewal vows were spoken, we spent the next day with Joy doing some family photos…we gathered egg & apples, picked the most beautiful dahlias from a farm that runs on the honour system, frolicked in the most magical trees (it was seriously straight out of a fairytale), and found a secret forrest in the shape of an abandoned lot (thank you for finding that place, Donny!) It was everything I had pictured and more.

        1000 thank you’s to you, Joy for documenting our day with such attentiveness and love…please visit Joy’s blog here for our vow renewal photos and video :) family photography | ©Wildflowers Photography family photography | ©Wildflowers Photography

        These are so beautiful! both the photos and the people in them ;) So much love! oxox

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