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        I was lucky enough to register Jensen for pre school at the amazing Waldorf inspired Wonderflow School House here in Red Deer. This school is everything I want for my kids, a creative based education & a nurturing, positive environment. This year the school house (which is located in a Heritage Home in downtown Red Deer) needs to raise funds to have a sprinkler system put in place inside the home for fire prevention so we’ve been doing tons of fundraising to help fund the $15,000 investment. I offered to take photos of the all kids at the school and I couldn’t have imagined how happy all these little people would make me :) Each child had such a calm demeanour and listened so intently that I sometimes forgot that these were 4 & 5 year olds in front of my camera.

        I got a list from Teacher Genevieve of all 47 kids and what days they attended so I could make a plan for how to photograph them all. I purposely did not tell the parents I was doing this because I wanted to photograph their kids on an average day, not all primed and polished for “school photos”. I wanted the bed head, tired eyes, mismatched clothes that they insisted on…real photos of a REAL day in the life of these children (and parents alike).

        I would arrive first thing in the morning and after taking each (sometimes shy and unsure) kid aside from their friends and up the stairs – which are gorgeous by the way! – I sat them down and started by asking a few questions, “what are you going to be for halloween?”, “What is your favourite activity to do at the school house?”, from there the kids came alive, beaming about Spiderman, Elsa, Unicorns, and everything in between.

        I had such an amazing time and I look forward to sharing the photos with the parents and giving them the opportunity to see their little ones personalities how I saw them that day.

        Here’s my take on Jensen’s class photos ;)

        natural light school portraits | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.ca

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