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March 17, 2018

Unraveled Academy Giveaway

BIG NEWS!!!! I am so so very proud to be a part of this community and I really hope you join me over at the Academy and NOW is the time to do it…trust me.

I want to start off just by saying, I do not take promotions lightly. I do NOT promote anything that I do not stand behind – never have, never will. I can tell you for certain that this community is so uplifting, encouraging and above all, informative. It is super affordable for the amount of content you have access too right off the bat as well as the amount that is added each month. Its actually pretty insane, I have never come across a school like this before. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR ANY LESSONS!

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Starting at 5am on Monday, March 19th!


How would you like to have the brand new Unraveled Rad Pack Presets ($90 in value), co-created by the one-and-only Twyla Jones, for FREE? How would you like to win a FREE seat to the sold-out Unraveled Retreat, that I will be teaching at, in beautiful Utah this May, including airfare, all transportation, food and of course adult beverages ($2,200 + in value)?

Yeah, that sounds good?? Sweet, here’s how you get those things!

1. Click the link below to become an Unraveled Academy Student for only $15/month. Each new student will automatically be emailed the Rad Pack Presets FOR FREE, after enrolling.

After that, log in to your new Student account to complete the easy steps to enter to win the trip/experience of a lifetime!


Oh, and one more thing….for anyone that signs up using my link below, they will be entered to win a FREE 2 hour online mentorship with yours truly!! (must be redeemed by May 31)

Come sit by our campfire, click the link below!!


Below are some of my images edited with the RadPack presets (that also come with brushes btw, radskin, radsky and radsun to help boost your images that much more!)

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©The Paper Deer Photography |
©The Paper Deer Photography |
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