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        This is my beautiful friend Lyndsey, her husband Chad and their little boy Sawyer.

        I’ve asked Lyndsey for her permission to share her story and I will be documenting her journey as the days go by.

        About three weeks ago Lyndsey was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. What was presumed to be a plugged milk duct (she is still breast feeding) turned out to be a tumour. A shock to all of us. We decided to do a little family session as kind of a nod to life at this moment, something to look back on years from now and be thankful for each and every experience we are faced with….the good and the bad. This family has been through a lot in the past few years….about 3 years ago Chad battled kidney cancer, and won. Now its Lyndseys turn, and if anyone was meant to battle this disease its her. I am blown away by this women’s strength and positive attitude.  I was unaware that the day after their session, Lyndsey was having her hair cut off in preparation for the chemo treatments. So I made to sure to capture her gorgeous locks as best I could. I was invited along the next day to document that for her as well, you may click here to view that post. In the next month or so, Lyndsey will be starting chemo treatments in hopes the cancer will shrink

        This disease hits home for me and I always feel a strong pull to women who are affected by it in any way. I watched my Grandmother and my Mom both fight breast cancer and I am happy that I can say they won and have been in remission for 10+ years. Watching them both go through double mastectomies was heartbreaking but seeing their strength and just how amazing their bodies are and their ability to fight is amazing. Because of how much it runs in my family I am on high alert and will be starting mammograms this year, as well as having gene testing done. Having someone so close to me who is so young (29) have it is kind of a wake up call that this does happen, more often than we care to accept. If you are over 40 please have regular mammograms, this is your sign…please start now.

        Lyndsey, you are a feet of strength and I know you will kick this cancers ass.


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        So many lovely moments, beautiful work!

        Beautiful! Sending thoughts and prayers to you friend as she embarks on this journey.

        Ive knowen lyndsey for 20 years, sHe is AN amazing beautiful WoMan and will get through this hard spot in life! Shes a fighter! I happend to be wIth her the morning she got the News and so glad i was able to hold her and tell her she wiLl get through this, she has so much to fight for!! Time to go kick cancers ass liDdy!!! ❤️ Absolutly beautiful pictures!!

        Beautiful post. Strikes a chord with me as well as both grandmothers fought this battle. Treasured images. Sending positive vibes to your lovely friend as she faces this battle.

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