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        “I’d rather have four quarters than a hundred pennies”.

        True friends are hard to come by and I am grateful to have met this one in the summer of 1996. Brett is one of my oldest friends and even though we only see each other a few times a year, it’s like we never skipped a beat. I love this lady and her boys so very much….so much so, that I can proudly say how incredibly jealous I am of their farm! Brett and her family bought a little farm that was once owned by her husbands uncle. Oddly enough, it was the farm I pretty much grew up on as it was directly behind my parents house. As some might know, as a kid, I was OBSESSED with horses and the farm behind us had many (among other animals, like llamas etc) so needless to say I was there before and after school, EVERY DAY. It’s so weird/awesome to be able to go back as an adult and relive memories as a 13 year old girl.

        Love you guys!


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