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        Good morning everyone! Today I wanted to chat a bit about: How I get everything into my scheduling App, Planoly… without losing quality.

        The convenience of our smartphones is really amazing. We can photograph an amazing session with a family and capture their best moments of connection, then take those photos from our camera onto our computer for enhancements. From there we get the opportunity to share pieces of someone’s heart on Instagram to our own following in the hopes that we will inspire others to take the time for a photo session to really connect with their loved ones and make new memories together. It’s such a wonderful process that I love I get to be a part of.

        The only part of this process I used to NOT love was getting the photos from my computer to my phone to post on social media…

        When I first started playing the social media game I would use iMessenger on my computer to send myself messages containing images that I wanted on my phone. This system wasn’t too horrible, but eventually, I forgot my password and there went that process! I switched over to emailing myself the photos but they were never the greatest quality.

        You know how this works– you take the time to create images and if you’re going to lose quality and the images won’t look as beautiful, you easily lose confidence in the image you took and feel like you’re putting work out there that isn’t an accurate representation of what you are actually creating. I knew I needed to find a better way of transferring my images to my phone so I could use great quality images on my social media feed.

        Dropbox was the answer! It’s easier for me than any other way to transfer images (and trust me, I’ve tried it all!) and, the best part is that I don’t lose any image quality!


        To start using Dropbox to transfer all of your images there are a few things I recommend you do first to make sure you can utilize to its full potential:

        1 – Download the Dropbox App onto your Phone.
        Dropbox has an app which has made it amazingly easy to sync up everything from my computer to my phone. By simply logging into your Dropbox account, you now have access to EVERYTHING in your Dropbox in the palm of your hand. The app itself is free to download and there are no extra fees for having the app. When you’re in dropbox you simply open the image you want to save to your phone, tap and hold on top of the image, then select ‘save to camera roll’. Easy peasy.

        2 – Consider Image Size
        I find images that are 2048 pixels across the longest side is a good width for both Facebook and Instagram. This size of image downloads quickly while still looking amazing for social.

        3 – If you have an iPhone, Invest in iCloud Storage
        The most important thing to note is that I have a total of 2 Terabytes of iCloud storage on my phone. It’s $12.99 a month for this extra iCloud storage and TOTALLY worth it. This storage means my phone never runs out of space even though I’ve been downloading high-quality images onto it to post on social media and I never have to worry about frantically trying to delete photos anytime I need to take an actual photo of something (which, for me, is always).

        Once the images are on your phone it’s easy to open up Planoly and add your images into your account. The images will look the same as they did on your computer because nothing was compressed along the way– the image size you exported your image at, the fact you are grabbing it straight from Dropbox and saving it onto your phone that has the storage to hold it means when you upload to Planoly there will be no change in how the image looks.

        Planoly makes it easy for me to curate a beautiful feed, schedule it all out (including captions and hashtags) and even auto-post so I can take a chunk of time, schedule, then let it do its thing! It’s one thing to have beautiful images that speak for themselves… it’s another thing to take those images and put them into a grid that gives an overall feel of the kind of images you want to convey. Planoly takes all the guesswork out of making a visually appealing grid so you can see what it will look like before you post.

        Quick Screen Recording of Planonly

        Pulling your images from your computer into Planoly used to be so much harder but using Dropbox has made all the difference for me. If you want to skip the phone step, Planoly’s desktop version allows you to upload photos directly from Dropbox as well! The images we share on social deserve to be the highest quality so our clients can see a job well done and a life well lived. Take the time to use Dropbox and your images will shine.

        Thank you for sharing this! This was super helpful :)

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