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August 9, 2014

semkiw family | okanagan family photographer

I have the most amazing clients. Up for anything, adventurous, laid back and just plain awesome. To Troy, Nicole, sweet Alisha and Kaylin…you guys ROCKED it!

and ps. those girls LOVE each other…never have I come across two siblings that got along as well as these two, completely inspiring.

Kalamalka Lake Family Photos | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Kalamalka Lake Family Photos | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Kalamalka Lake Family Photos | ©The Paper Deer Photography | So when your session is in the sweltering okanagan heat, what do you do when you’re about to wrap it up?? Well, you jump in the lake of course! Mom chickened out the first time but the girls convinced her to do it a few minutes later! Nicole, you’re a champ! Kalamalka Lake Family Photos | ©The Paper Deer Photography |

The Senkiw's 13:01 August 9, 2014 Reply
Miss JaYme. Nicole And i got goose bumps with some of the photos you took. You managed to capTure our girls spirit. Love it. What a great day of memories captured for a life time. Thank you. Your great.
Kim 13:47 August 9, 2014 Reply
I am always in awe of your photos. These are just downright spectacular. period.

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