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        Last year my mom sent me home with a few keepsakes – her wedding dress and a giant scrap book of my first paintings, drawings, letters etc. It is something that I am so thankful to her for keeping all those years. I wanted to do something similar for Jensen because, like so many other kids in pre-school/kindergarden etc., he has SO many crafts that he has made here and at day home. I was struggling to find something that would hold everything, and still be nice-ish to look at. I have a giant binder with page protectors (pictured below completely over flowing!) that I had been putting his art in and then it dawned on me….I can still keep all of the crafts but instead of lugging out a giant book every time, I can utilize something smaller…and that’s when Artifact Uprising came to mind. A company that I love and support whole heartedly. So, you may remember me posting a photo a couple weeks ago of me scanning EVERYTHING lol…I added all his scan art into a folder and uploaded that into Artifact Uprising’s super easy program. I ordered the 8.5×11 Vertical – Large Soft Cover Book ($62 total after adding a few extra pages) and a week later, it came in the mail…. I LOVE it….LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!  Although next time, I think I will photograph some of his larger pieces as they didn’t scan very well but hey, we all learn! I also ordered one of their Colorado Beetle Kill Wooden Boxes ($95 and worth every penny) to hold all the art books (around 5 I am guessing) that I will be making (one per year). I am still keeping the originals in his binder but he has a few pieces that are falling apart and I love that I can still keep them forever in this book :)

        Another reason why this is such a great idea, is if anything were to happen to the book, I could just re-order since it will always be in my Artifact account :)

        Please feel free to Pin or Share this post with your friends! Its a great way to keep your children’s art at an arms reach.

        Artifact Uprising | Toddler Art Book | The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        Artifact Uprising | Toddler Art Book | The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        […] credits: Young House Love, Sawyer Berson, Photography by Jamie of The Paper Deer for Artifact Uprising, Clare Scholes, Mondocherry via life […]

        Absolutely gorgeous! Did you keep all of the originals, or was the point to get rid of them? I just think I’d still need to keep the papers my babies touched. Thoughts?

        I still keep them! But just in case some of them that were glued together etc fell apart, I would still have something to show him when he’s older :)

        Awesome idea Jayme – that book is stunning! And that box is going to be such a treasured keepsake (for him and you), especially in 5 years when it’s full.

        This is a brilliant idea. I’m saving it in the “to do” pile for when we start having kids. Love, love, love!

        My pile was HUGE and this took no time at all!

        Love, LOVE this idea! Thank you for sharing and will absolutely use this for our daughter when she starts making projects.

        THIS IS AMAZING!! and it could not have come at a more perfect time. I just wrote a post about preserving children’s art work: http://www.marawolff.com/blog/2014/2/20/preserving-childrens-artwork

        I’d love to update the the post with a link to this if you don’t mind!

        I’m a huge AU fan and think I might try this out too!

        Thanks for sharing!

        Thank you so much for posting!! This is beautiful and I can’t wait to get started on a book for each of my three little ones :) xxoo

        OH MY GOODNESS I love this SOOOO much. What a fantastic way to preserve these pieces of art! Thank you for sharing! I will be investing in this soon. I have {4} kids that love art, and we have a huge basket of their creations already! they are getting crumpled and torn from handling so much. I want to frame some of them, but as moms and photographers we both know how easy this is and how badly we put it off :) so you have inspired me, thank you thank you! and I LOVE your photography, you are an inspiration, not only as a professional, and an artist, but as a mom too. Your story is so joyful and encouraging, having a heart baby is something I cannot imagine going through, but your strength and determination and love together as a family are wonderful to witness. I follow you on IG and love getting to know your family via internet! :) Thank you! xoxo – Kadi (IG sycamoremomma)

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