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Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
February 26, 2014

red deer photographer ➾ 8/52

 We spent a lot of time in the fort and a lo of time trekking through the wilderness….and I wouldn’t have changed a thing ;)

Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
46/365 ~ I make location scouting a family affair
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
47/365 ~ Evan is the BEST big brother, these boys don’t know how lucky they really are
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
48/365 ~ Bobbie takes Jensen and her day home kids outside every day….well unless it’s -20, but I am thankful for amount of fresh air he gets!
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
49/365 ~ this.
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
50/365 ~ If I could only own one pair of winter boots, these would be them.
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
51/365 ~ Jensen took his first selfie with his momma

Emily Santome 22:25 March 1, 2014 Reply
HI There, I wanted to stop by & leave you some <3! I love the snow play & selfie photos. Too cute! I live in Las Vegas, NV & just booked a maternity client from Canada. They wanted to show case the warm weather so they could go home & brag!! ;)) Thanks for sharing! XX-Em

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