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        To try to describe what this year has been like, emotionally and mentally, would be impossible. It hasn’t quit been a year since I photographed Jensen & Hudson when we first brought Hudson home but, it was snowing out yesterday, which – like most people in Alberta this time of year – really bummed me out…and what do I do when i’m bummed out? I take photos. I did the same thing when we found out about Hudson’s heart. Photography is my therapy, it pulls me out of whatever funk i’m in, making me focus on whats right in front of me. Being able to create is such a gift and I am so fortunate to have an outlet.  I have been using this same quilt – one of the first quilts I purchased from my dear friend Joy Prouty – whenever I photograph my boys (you can see those sessions here and here) and this time it was even more special, I got to see – not only the growth of my boys physically – but I also get to see it in their relationship as brothers, and my growth as a photographer <3

        Seeing how big Hudson’s  has become makes me so incredibly proud. I love these two boys with all of my heart….

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