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        I am thankful for many things. This life has thrown me some curve balls this year and it took some self reflection to really realize how beautiful this little life of mine is.

        Firstly, I am thankful for my husband. He is the most selfless, inspiring man I have ever had the privilege of knowing. He has sacrificed so much and worked so hard for his family and did so without any hesitation. I am absolutely  in awe of him and and his passion for his craft. I only hope one day to be admired by my peers like he is by his.

        Secondly, my boys.

        Jensen, you are my wild child. So free and fearless, I know you will do great things and will do them with passion.

        Hudson, you are my sweet boy with such a story to tell. You have such wisdom behind those big eyes of yours and I can not wait to watch you grow.

        Evan, you are such an incredibly smart young man and am overjoyed to be a part of your life and you a part of mine.

        I am thankful for everyone that has come into my life up to this point, especially all those wonderful talented people at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Dr. Al Aklabi (Hudson’s heart surgeon), you hold a special place in my heart and am forever thankful of you. The nurses, I am so blown away by how much all the nurses genuinely LOVE what they do and care for each one of these special children with all their hearts. I am thankful for the fact that we live only an hour from one of the top 5 pediatric cardiac hospitals in North America. It humbles me every day that we are that lucky.

        Family and Friends are what makes me who I am today, so to all of you…..thank you, from every inch of my heart…thank you.

        I am thankful for the ability to travel to the amazing places I have been.

        Here are a few photos from our recent little getaway to Lake Louise for Lucas and I’s 4th wedding anniversary

        lake louise, alberta ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography ➾ paperdeerphoto.com/blog

        banff, alberta ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography ➾ paperdeerphoto.com/blog

        and few from instagram :) follow me there @thepaperdeerphotography !

        lake louise, alberta ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography ➾ paperdeerphoto.com/blog

        ©(@thepaperdeerphotography on instagram) ➾ lake louise, alberta

        LOVE your work! Insanely beautiful images. xo

        WOW! There really are no words for how beautiful those images are! Just amazing! It is like the world is painted with watercolors around you!!! gah!! So crazy pretty! I want to visit so badly. I think I might move in with you so I can tag along on these trips ;) hehe. OH I know… like a live in babysitter. You need one right? ;) Love you lady and so proud of you!

        just “WOW” very beautiful!!! amazing.

        these are just so lovely. breathtaking scenery.

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