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        Dear Hudson,

        I sat here for what seemed like forever trying to find the words to tell you just how grateful I am that you are here. I write these letters in my head constantly, but whenever I have the chance to sit down, everything escapes me. You are loved beyond any words, or phrases….You are the sweetest little man, full of love and so much happiness. I still can’t get over how much you smile. With big eyes so full of wonder and compassion, you brighten the days of anyone you come across.

        Happy First Birthday Little Man, thank you for letting me be your mom.

        lifestyle photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        lifestyle photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        this is sweet evie. she is the daughter of our birth photographer vannessa brown. She was 9 months pregnant when hudson was born and watching these two play together a year later is just the sweetest thing. vannessa holds a very dear place in our hearts, she has given us the most amazing video of hudson’s first 8 weeks of life…through all his struggles and achievements. seeing our two babes share, smile and laugh together made my heart so full.

        lifestyle photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        There’s just something about a baby in jammies. It just kills me. He is such a doll. Thankful he is doing so well. He’s gonna have such strength after all he’s been through.

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