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        Fall here in Central Alberta was kind of a wash…our September was full of cold weather and snow and right before it warmed up mid October, a big wind storm graced us and blew all the leaves off the trees….so it was a bit frustrating trying to re-book sessions etc. I had been chatting with these clients for a few weeks trying to find a date that would work to be outside with their itty bitty babes. Low and behold that day came and it was absolutely gorgeous out! I met up with @amyreg and @aarongarand (who works at my husbands tattoo shop) at the most perfect little beach by the river. Scouting for them was a bit more tricky because we needed to find a spot where is bike could get to easily, have a small fire with no brush around and more importantly, a place that was very “them”. They are a super outdoorsy family that loves fishing and camping – ie: took their newborns camping at 2 weeks old! – so I wanted to make sure I found a spot that did them justice. As I was driving around scouting, I spotted this place across the river and google mapped if there was an access road and sure enough, there was! As if it wasn’t already going great enough, both their twins zonked out at the very end and we welcomed the quiet snuggles.

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