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Neutral Nursery - ©The Paper Deer Photography -
March 21, 2013

red deer lifestyle photographer ➾ our nursery

At long last, baby H’s nursery is complete!

For a list of places where I got certain items, scroll to the bottom!

Neutral Nursery

Neutral Nursery - ©The Paper Deer Photography -

Natural Neutral Nursery



Dresser: Kijiji

Mobile: I made with some scrap felt

Owl & Donkey: Stems –

Wood Alphabet: Etsy –

Baskets: Jysk –

Drift Wood: Random log on the beach in my hometown of Salmon Arm, BC (thank you Dad for carrying that for me!)

Sheep Pillow, Sheep stuffy & dark Faux Fur blanket: RH Baby –

Antlers: Yarn Bombed Antlers –

Deer Stuffie: Superstore!

Matching Rocking chairs: Ikea – (kids) (adult)

White end table: Home Sense

Old books: Collected during my travels in North Carolina

Lamps: Ikea & Jysk

Sheep Skin Rug: Home Sense

Quilts: Joy Prouty


Also….the drift wood is very securely screwed to the wall and the ceiling!

Lynn 09:59 March 21, 2013 Reply
GORGEOUS!!! This is just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see photos of the little one in that room!!
Ewan 11:37 March 21, 2013 Reply
Beautiful! Lucky baby! I'm kind of jealous, even though I wouldn't be able to fit in that bed.
Ewan 11:38 March 21, 2013 Reply
Beautiful. Lucky baby! I'm kind of jealous even though I wouldn't be able to fit in that bed.
Jenna 13:06 March 21, 2013 Reply
Yah for baby Hudson! What an adorable little nursery. He will be loved.
Gorgeous nursery! Great photos:)
Sara Garcia 14:19 March 21, 2013 Reply
Just beautiful! Look at that mobile! So COOL! Beautiful work.
Linda 20:53 March 21, 2013 Reply
What an adorable baby room!!!! I love the drift wood with the little rain cloud mobile hanging from it. And the little blue drop against the grey ones is perfect! You are a very crafty lady. I love your style and your little one will love it.
fran chelico 11:42 March 22, 2013 Reply
Oh my word!! This is the most beautiful nursery I have ever seen!! You have a very creative eye! Makes me want to have another baby :)
This is such a beautiful nursery! xoxo

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