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        I have a love/hate relationship with social media. While I appreciate it and love it for the way you can build and connect with a community and how you can reach potential clients, it can be exhausting to keep up with the trends, the changing algorithms and all the time and attention each platform needs. I am a big advocate for ingesting social media consciously so you make the most of what social media is meant to do and you don’t get caught up in the downward spiral of social media anxiety.

        There are a lot of different social media platforms out there begging you to use them. Using all of them would be hard and would leave you feeling exhausted and not using any one platform to its full potential. There’s something nice about finding a few platforms you like and sticking to them. You can then invest in them and really make them work for you… and even enjoy using them!

        Today I’m going to give you my biggest pointers on each of the three main social media platforms I use. This will help you make sense of how to best use each platform and where to put your focus when working with each one. This is especially helpful if you have limited time available to spend being social on social media.


        Facebook used to be THE place for growing your social media. If you’ve been in the photography game as long as I have, you probably remember the days when posting on your Facebook Fan Page was all you needed to do to gain new followers and clients. Those days are long gone and now Facebook has its own unique strategy to make the most of it…

        Facebook Groups are the new key to keeping your social media presence alive on Facebook. Facebook groups are a great way to engage with other people, share ideas and images, and really grow together as likeminded individuals committed to photography.

        My three favourite Facebook groups right now are:
        LooksLikeFilm –  A great place to get featured! Its based off likes and I definitely dont get teh alotted amount every time I post but its fun :)
        Dear Photographer – So many badass women in this group!
        Unraveled Academy –  Because this is 100% the most supportive, encouraging & kind group I have EVER been in….join here!



        Pinterest has always seemed like a tricky thing to harness the power of, BUT, when it comes to how helpful it can be for your current clients, it can be hard to beat! I created 2 boards to help clients when choosing outfits (one for fall/winter & one for spring/summer)


        Boards for Clients. It’s just that simple. Make boards for each of your clients (mom, dad, and kids) and pin items that make great clothing and accessory options. Your clients will already be looking at your Instagram page and portfolio at the images you’ve been creating, now give them the links to purchase clothing that will help make their images stand out. This is a simple way to really look out for your clients and show them you are there to help.




        The current ruler of all social media, Instagram is where we all spend more of our time and attention. In a world where Instagram is also becoming more and more tricky, I’m going to offer you the top 3 tips I have.

        1) Post Consistently.

        Posting consistently means you aren’t going MIA for days or weeks at a time. Post consistently and you’ll see people begin to follow and engage. They’ll also see that you’re an active photographer. If you stop posting, people will assume you’ve stopped working and aren’t taking on any new clients. Use an app, like Planoly, to schedule out your posts so you can continue to post content, even if you’re away from your phone.


        2) The Top 6 Photos.

        When someone first goes to your profile they’ll see your profile photo, your bio, and then usually the most recent 6 photos you’ve posted. Make those 6 photos count. Those 6 photos are basically your Instagram portfolio and if people like what they see, they will keep scrolling. Make sure each photo you post is one you’re proud of so people get a great understanding of what you are all about.


        3) Engage.

        It’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. You need to be social on social media to see results. This is very true with Instagram. Take time to respond to comments and direct messages. Be authentic. Ask questions to your follows and take moments to respond to them. The Instagram algorithms favour those who use Instagram to be social so just do it. You’ll see your engagement and impressions go up and with that, your follower count.


        Social media can be tough but putting to work bite-sized chunks of tactics that WORK on each platform can really make a huge difference in how you approach social media. If you want to learn more about how I do social media, and really, everything else in my business, then check out Unbridled Chaos: A 3-Month Family Photography Mentorship with Jayme Ford. Registration is now open and I am so excited to work with you.

        Hi there, I was wondering about pinterest. Do you make boards for all clients, or just the fall/winter or summer/spring boards and all clients can go to them? Also, are they password protected and they get access after booking? I am enjoying reading through all your blogs :)

        As much as i would love to have the time to make one for each client, I think that would be a bit too much so i just leave it seasonal. From there, I will work with my clients more closely to find the best clothing for their session!

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