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January 12, 2013

red deer family lifestyle photographer ➾ Jensen

 This lifestyle session is simple.

Just my son, my bed and my camera but it means more to me than anything other session I have done…

A few days ago,  we found out that our baby to be (due in April) has a heart defect and will need surgery within the first week of life with a possibility of 3 subsequent surgeries after that until the age of 4. Not the greatest way to kick off a new year. I was quite low and depressed but knew that I needed to get out of the funk. I have always said that photography is my therapy, when i’m behind the camera I don’t think about anything other than what is going on in that exact moment  and this session I photographed who I love the most…my 2 1/2 year old son, Jensen. Normally (and I don’t blame him), he HATES having his photo taken but on this day he was all for it! Being a ham in front of the camera, posing, and for anyone that has or has photographed a busy toddler, they know that is a difficult task haha. We shot this right before and after nap time so I let him take his snooze in our room so I could get some sweet and innocent sleeping shots. Just watching him sleep gave me such a sense of calm and determination. We can overcome this, it’s just a bump in the road….our little babe will pull through beautifully <3

©The Paper Deer Photography

Jody Atkinson 09:57 February 22, 2013 Reply
So Cute! I love all the details you captured:)
Katie W 10:21 February 22, 2013 Reply
What a cutie! I love the one of you guys holding hands, so sweet :)
Tisha 10:24 February 22, 2013 Reply
Oh my word!! These are spectacular!! So so great!
Shelby Schmidt 10:30 February 22, 2013 Reply
Love the bright lighting in this comfy shoot! And I'm slightly obsessed with photographing baby and children toes :) -Shelby Schmidt Imagery
[...] have waited for today for exactly 6 months….From the time I did the quick little session of Jensen to help me get through the tough notion that I will be having a son with Congenital Heart Disease [...]
[…]  I have been using this same quilt whenever I photograph my boys (you can see those sessions here and here) and this time it was even more special, I got to see, – not only the growth of my […]

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