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October 15, 2014

fall for wheat | red deer family photographer

Fall just happens to be my favourite seasons so when my good friends at Wheat Canada dropped their fall line, I was anxious to get my hands on some amazing clothes! As usual, the linens are gorgeous and incredibly soft, the prints are…ummm…the CUTEST! and my boys love how comfortable they are. AND to make things even better, I have an exclusive discount code that will give you 15% off your order!! (expired Oct 31st) Just use the code “paperdeer” at checkout :)

*All items are listed under each section of photos.

family photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Jensen: Deer Long Sleeve, Baggy Sweatpants, Toque Hudson: Mouse Long Sleeve & Trousers   family photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | family photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Jensen: Trousers (these are AH_MAZING – so soft and lined!), Basic Long SleeveFlannel Hudson: Buffalo Long Sleeve, Knit CardiganLong Johns

Jana 12:00 October 16, 2014 Reply
I am in love with your pics, and those clothes look so very comfy, and that gigantic leaf! lol - it's perfect!
Lyndsey 13:34 October 16, 2014 Reply
Love, love, love this shoot!! makes me want to squeeze both boys :) xo
Rosie 09:56 October 22, 2014 Reply
So much gorgeous here!!
Lauren 10:42 November 15, 2014 Reply
These are breathtaking and beautiful. My favorite family pictures I have (Ever) seen!!

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