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        What to say about the Brooker gang…..I’ve known Lee & Channelle for, gosh, 8 or so years….maybe longer? Haha! I first photographed these lovebirds way back in 2011 when they first got engaged. Shortly after, my husband offered Lee a job at his tattoo shop and we’ve become really close.

        Now, enough about mom and dad….we need to talk about these kids because OMG, they are the cutest in the world. They try and tell us that Ruby has tantrums and can be a little devil but I, their Family Photographer, 100% DO NOT believe them lol. She is just the sweetest, quiet spoken, most polite little human. I just want to squish her little face all the time. Little Kai is the happiest, sweetest, momma loving babe (whose FIRST birthday happens to be today! Oct 18) So here’s a happy birthday post of your family connection session in Drumheller baby Kai!

        We met in Drumheller back in July and you may notice that there is still quite a bit of harsh light in these images….except this was at about 8-9pm lol. Gotta love the prairies in the summer. Despite being up late, these kids killed it and promptly slept the whole way home. I’d also like to give a big shout out to Channelle’s hairdresser Kayla, who when asked where the images were going to be taken, made sure to dye her hair so it would pop in contrast….she gets it, I appreciate the hell out of her!


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