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        The Hammond Family


        The Bell Family

        Fairview, UT

        "I loved all the raw emotion you captured from my kids, and I think we'll always remember this day. You had such a way in making my husband feel at ease (and actually enjoy the shoot) and I love seeing all the genuine smiles and laughing with the kids. This isn't something that always happens at our shoots, and to have all four kids in a good mood and HAVE FUN in front of the camera was nothing less than a miracle. So, thank you for whatever magic you sprinkles over us. I'll treasure these images"

        Banff, Alberta

        "Jayme captured my boys and I in the most genuine, transparent way at a time in our lives that I didn't share that part of me very easily. She captured me being a mom in the very deepest of ways. Not the 'posing for pictures' mom. The raw, heart open, vulnerable mom. I see the images she took and they are filled with the love, fear, pride and resilience that embodies motherhood for me. To have this captured for eternity is one of the greatest gifts i've been given. Jayme gave me the gift of truly being able to see my own heart."