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        Let me explore for undiscovered freckles, for tiny constellations hidden in the sky of your skin. Let me name them, let me invent new histories for the new heroes permanently displayed upon you.

        lifestyle photography ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography ➾ paperdeerphoto.com January 6, 2014

        red deer photographer ➾ 2013 ➾ A Year In Review

        If 2014 is full of amazing people like 2013 was, it's going to be a great year! I had the privilege of meeting some beautiful souls last year and look forward to greeting all my new clients with a fre...
        December 17, 2013

        red deer photographer ➾ a week of inspiration

        to say these women are inspiring would not be doing them any justice, I can't even articulate how much I cherish these relationships. In august of last year I saw a post from a photographer that I ha...
        December 4, 2013

        red deer family photographer ➾ film

        finally sent in a bunch of rolls of film last month and was blown away by the scans. Film is very near and dear to my heart and I am hoping to introduce more and more into my session. None of these ar...
        senior concept portraits | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com/blog November 15, 2013

        chic critique cover contest ➢ the paper deer photography

        My submission for the Chic Critique Cover Contest!
        winter engagement ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography ➾ paperdeerphoto.com/blog November 5, 2013

        red deer engagement photographer ➾ victoria + michael

        at our consultation victoria had mentioned she wished that it would snow for their engagement photos.....well she got what she asked for the day before their session! and not only did it snow,  it sn...
        November 1, 2013

        red deer family photographer ➾ all hallows eve ➾ where the wild things are

        we started reading 'where the wild things are' to Jensen a few months back and I could not think of a better costume for him. Ever since I could remember Jensen has reminded of me of Max.....full of e...
        October 23, 2013

        red deer family photographer ➾ wilkinson family

        Sometimes clients come along that you absolutely click with. I normally try to meet all my families prior to their session so we can get to know each other a bit better but Erin booked her session s...
        October 13, 2013

        red deer lifestyle photographer ➾ what I am thankful for

        I am thankful for many things. This life has thrown me some curve balls this year and it took some self reflection to really realize how beautiful this little life of mine is. Firstly, I am thankful ...
        October 11, 2013

        lacombe family photographer ➾ huether family ➾ 60’s inspired

        Maja contacted me via facebook about a month ago asking if I could help her out. She had recently renovated her home and wanted some family photos to match her new decor. Her and her husband, Josh, lo...