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        Let me explore for undiscovered freckles, for tiny constellations hidden in the sky of your skin. Let me name them, let me invent new histories for the new heroes permanently displayed upon you.

        May 12, 2014

        red balloons for ryan

        About a week ago I heard - as many others did - about sweet little 3 1/2 year old Ryan from California. Tragically Ryan was struck by a truck while playing at his cousins house and was killed. His mom...
        May 12, 2014

        mother’s day

        Last year, my Mother's day was kind of a wash....Hudson was still recovering from his first heart surgery and Jensen was at my mom and dads in BC. Now, i'm not saying it was bad but since I didn't hav...
        lifestyle photography | paperdeerphoto.com May 10, 2014

        May 10 on 10 – Canadian Edition

        I am super excited to be a part of another little blog circle, and this one is all Canadian! what is 10 on 10, you ask? It's pretty simple, 10 photos taken on any given day. We do this post once a ...
        May 3, 2014

        wheat canada

        Bringing this gorgeous brand of clothing to Canada are my two good friends, Kat & Aaron Bouchard. Wheat is a charming Scandinavian-inspired children's clothing line originally from Denmark. The co...
        April 22, 2014

        film mama blog circle

        I can't tell you how much I love this little forum. So packed full of talented film photographers...this month we are focusing on Portra 400, please click the link on the bottom to scroll through all ...
        lifestyle photography ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography April 20, 2014

        hudson turns one

        Dear Hudson, I sat here for what seemed like forever trying to find the words to tell you just how grateful I am that you are here. I write these letters in my head constantly, but whenever I have th...
        lifestyle photography ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography April 20, 2014


        a few favourites from our easter sunday...
        lifestyle photography ➾ ©The Paper Deer Photography March 31, 2014

        project happy 365 ➾ 12+13/52

        So the past two weeks has been a little crazy...Lucas went to Finland to the Helsinki Tattoo Convention and then over to Denmark to get tattooed by his good friend/mentor Henning at Royal Tattoo. It w...
        March 29, 2014


        A few weeks ago I decided to test out a bunch of different cameras and film stock in the same environment, with a somewhat willing 3 1/2 year old. There is this little spot in the house that has the m...