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        Let me explore for undiscovered freckles, for tiny constellations hidden in the sky of your skin. Let me name them, let me invent new histories for the new heroes permanently displayed upon you.

        February 7, 2021

        How to Get Kick-Ass Testimonials

        How to get Kick-Ass Testimonials! When people browse your website to see your portfolio, there are two things they want to know: How you photograph families and what other people are saying abou...
        palm springs family photographer January 30, 2021

        Three Tips for Location Scouting

        Chances are you have a few go-to locations for shooting. They are the locations guaranteed to get you the shots your new clients have seen in your portfolio and on social media. Your go-to locations a...
        beach family photography | ©the paper deer photography | paperdeerphoto.ca January 23, 2021

        Encouraging What to Wear with Your Clients

        Remember back in the day when the family portrait uniform was light blue denim and a white t-shirt? Remember how awful that was? Somehow the world made a unanimous decision that this 90’s style of mat...
        August 23, 2019

        How To Relate To Your Clients

        Relating to your clients: If you’ve grown up with a camera in your hand, you’ve probably never put much thought into relating to your clients. Chances are you started taking photos and totally fell...
        tattooed family | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com, Alberta Family Photographer, Banff Family Photographer, Mentor, Mentorship April 2, 2019

        How To Use Meta Data

        You guys, the world of SEO is BIG and hard to understand, not to mention ever changing. In a nutshell: Search Engine Optimization is something so big that even Google employees say they don’t even ...
        Alberta Family Photographer, Banff Family Photographer, Mentor, Mentorship December 22, 2018

        10 Reasons You Need A Mentor

        With the launch of Unbridled Chaos: a 3-month intensive mentorship in family photography, I thought it would be a great time to talk about why it's important to have a mentor. In the photography indus...
        December 11, 2018

        Making Sense of Social Media

        I have a love/hate relationship with social media. While I appreciate it and love it for the way you can build and connect with a community and how you can reach potential clients, it can be exhaustin...
        November 27, 2018

        Tips for Creating Emotive Images

        The images that really stand out for the families you photograph are the ones where endearing moments are captured. You can set your family up for what you think will make the most gorgeous photo, but...
        November 13, 2018

        Submitting your Work

        Submitting your work to be featured is probably one of the most stressful things you can do as a photographer. Not only are you putting your heart and soul into every photograph you take, but you’re a...