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HELLO! My name is Jayme and I am an award winning & published Family Photographer based out of Red Deer, Alberta servicing The Rocky Mountains, Central Alberta, British Columbia and worldwide. I am so very excited to work with you and your family.

I am a married, momma of two wildlings; Jensen, my free spirited muse and Hudson, my incredibly strong heart warrior.

Growing up in BC, I knew no other lifestyle other than that of a creative one. Time was spent running through the forest, making forts out of tree branches and leaves, riding horses up the mountains and documenting it all with my little “Honey Bee” 110 camera. Photography was a big part of my life when I was younger and as I continued to grow, it was one of those things that stuck with me and just never left.

I strive to create emotive images that tell stories of individual connections, warmth and love. Images that pull the viewer into that very space of time.  The small in-between simple gestures are what I love most; like how your little one plays with your hair, twirls in their favourite dress, or how you offer your hand for guidance. To me, this profession lets me truly be able to hold on to those tiny fleeting moments in time forever.

Your wee ones will never get younger… lets take the images today, that you will want tomorrow.

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©The Paper Deer Photography |

“Jayme captured my boys and I in the most genuine, transparent way at a time in our lives that I didn’t share that part of me very easily. She captured me being a mom in the very deepest of ways. Not the ‘posing for pictures’ mom. The raw, heart open, vulnerable mom. I see the images she took and they are filled with the love, fear, pride and resilience that embodies motherhood for me. To have this captured for eternity is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given. Jayme gave me the gift of truly being able to see my own heart..”

-Amy Bell

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“Jayme has the ability to capture a moment in time like no other. Her use of light and the natural surroundings made our family photos more beautiful than I thought they could be. She can tell a story with no words, only pictures (although her written/spoken words are amazing too……). She is amazing to deal with while shooting and a true artist. The whole experience was wonderful and I can not wait to work with her more.”

-Lyndsey Watt

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“Our experience getting family photos done by Jayme was beyond wonderful. As a mother, bringing our two children (aged 1 and 3) had me feeling nervous: that they wouldn’t sit still, wouldn’t want to participate, etc. After Jayme took her first photo, my mind was at ease. She was just so relaxed and in her element and due to her peaceful nature, she rarely needed to give direction. She just let everyone interact naturally, and at most times we didn’t even notice she was taking pictures! Every moment was truly so enjoyable, stress-free, and fun! Thank you again, Jayme for capturing our family’s love, silliness and happiness so perfectly.”

-Leah-anne Singh

©The Paper Deer Photography |

“Our family photo shoot with Jayme went remarkably well, with two boys (3 and 4 years old) she managed to capture both their wild sides and their innocent, adventurous nature; things I feel like only a mother sees at times! Jayme was easy going and up for whatever and even managed to get some amazing shots with our loving puppy! The photos turned out far better than I could have imagined and I will cherish them forever! Thank you Jayme, you are a remarkable talent.”

-Brett Pukas