TO MENU

        What can I say about this session?

        I have waited for today for exactly 6 months….From the time I did the quick little session of Jensen to help me get through the tough notion that I will be having a son with Congenital Heart Disease to the moment he had his first surgery at 14 days old, to the moment we brought him home for the first time.

        Jensen loves his little brother, Hudson. He constantly wants to help give him his bottle or meds (“can I doctor him mommy?”) or just sit near him. It makes my heart melt.

        Today was a good day, I have the best 2 little boys a mom could ask for


        ©The Paper Deer Photography | Alberta Family Photographer©The Paper Deer Photography | Alberta Family Photographer | paperdeerphoto.com/blog©The Paper Deer Photography | Alberta Family Photographer | paperdeerphoto.com/blog

        […] have been using this same quilt whenever I photograph my boys (you can see those sessions here and here) and this time it was even more special, I got to see, – not only the growth of my boys […]

        Aww.. u did a great job here! Captured them so naturally. Great.

        These are fantastic! Love that Jensen is such a helper – you can see that he lives his little brother. :) I love that quilt, too, by the way.

        Simply wonderful images!

        Lovely newborn lifestyle session. Can feel the sibling love.

        I love the simplicity and emotion in these, especially love that last one ;-)

        Oh my word I just want to cuddle up with them <3 The last two images are my favorites!

        Beautiful images and your story is very moving. I’m glad it was a good day for you.

        Is your cat a Devon Rex by chance? I’ve wanted one for awhile.

        Love these. So fun. Sibling shots with newborns can be so tough. You did awesome!

        These are beautiful images! LOVE them all.

        DEFINITELY worth the wait. much love to you jayme, you’ve been through so much!

        These images are so sweet and so profound – what a great series of photographs for these two beautiful boys to look at as they get older. The light was so soft and I loved the simplicity of the setting (totally want that bed! Nap-worthy for sure :)

        Looks like Hudson is a sound sleeper! They’re just adorable, Jayme.

        You are such an amazing photographer, and you have the most beautiful little boys!

        Just beautiful, Jayme! LOVE the ones with their hands! So happy for you.

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