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        This is a letter I wrote to all my neighbours…..

        At 6:10 am Monday morning, my husband and I awoke to a man in our bedroom.

        Him and young women broke into our home through the back garage door and tried to get away with our lap top and cell phones and who knows what else.

        I awoke to noises which I thought was my 2 1/2 year old son playing with his toys, I nudged my husband and asked him to tell our son to go back to sleep because it was too early (I had been up with him from 4-430 because he had a bad dream) I rolled back over to check to see what time it was and noticed that it was 6:10 (WAY too early for him to be up) Then I heard footsteps…..heavy footsteps…..boots…..not the pitter patter of a 2 year old (who can now let himself out of his bedroom), coming down the hallway. My initial thought was, “what one of our friends is here and why so early??” The footsteps got louder and I hit my husband and said “Someone is in the house!” just then the intruder opened the door, not quietly but forcefully like he owned the place. There, 2 steps into our bedroom stood a 6 foot tall man (I say that term lightly because I think he was in his teens or early twenties), all dressed in black with his hoodie pulled up over his head.  My husband shot up and said “Who are you?! What are you doing?!” (with a few expletives inserted throughout) Lucas jumped up and the guy changed his stance as if he was about to get into a fight and then took off down the hallway and out of the house through the garage. My husband is heavily tattooed and tall, so he probably scared the living daylights out of him….GOOD. Lucas was hot on his heels but he managed to get out through the garage, but he forgot something……his accomplice. She was putting her shoes on in the garage and yelling “I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY, I TOLD HIM NOT TO, I TOLD HIM NOT TO!” Now at this point, in hindsight, we could have grabbed her and held her until the cops came but my husband and I were just in our underwear and I am 6 months pregnant and still half asleep, so she got away while we were looking for something to protect ourselves with. (our neighbour just let us know that he saw a girl running from our house into a white pick up at that exact time). Meanwhile my son was soundly sleeping in his room. I checked on him immediately and thought to myself “what if he had gone into his room (across the hall from us)?, What if I was alone??” I realized then, just how lucky we were that no one was hurt and that nothing of real value was stolen. Yet I was still trying to wrap my head around what the hell had just happened.  My 10 year old step son Evan, luckily was at his moms this weekend and was not around, which is good because he would have been traumatized (he is an early riser and would have been awake). Lucas got dressed and immediately went out to search for them, but to no avail. I called the cops and they were here in minutes with the canine unit and Ident for finger printing. I was very impressed.

        What we assume happened was they came in through the back  man door into the garage (which had accidentally been left unlocked – this was the first time it had been unlocked in 3 months, go figure) and then into our house from there, straight into the kitchen where my laptop and cell phone was sitting on the island. The girl started wrangling up property (this was the noise I heard that I thought was my son playing with his toys) as she was doing this, he came down to check out the bedrooms (now this is the part that bothers me….WHY? Why come down to the bedrooms at 6 in the morning when its clear that there are people home and could possibly be awake, WHY? What were you looking for?? A fight? A women alone? WHAT?….) When she heard my husband screaming at the guy she bolted into the garage to put her shoes on – weird, I know – she didn’t manage to get any of our property, he however, had my husbands vehicle keys – which was the only thing they managed to grab.

        I did not panic, in fact, I don’t think I said a thing, it’s scarier now that I think about the situation rather than at the time because I could not comprehend what was happening….I was more worried about the safety of my child sleeping and the one that is growing in my belly. I am very proud of my husbands quick thinking and ability to chase this punk out of our house. I have never felt so violated in my life.

        The cops had an idea of who the suspects might be but the shoe print we found did not match any of the suspects. Because he stole our car keys and the time of the morning that it happened, he suspects it may be a some teenagers, yes, TEENAGERS,  from a local high school that are going around in the mornings stealing vehicles that are warming up before people go to work, joy riding then dumping them. In fact, the cop that was assigned to our case said he had just started his shift at 6am and was planning on heading to the school to see if he could catch these kids again….yes AGAIN…they have been arrested time and time again and the judicial system keeps letting them go with a slap on the wrist because they are “young”. How many times does this have to happen? Now that it has escalated to home invasion, will something be done??

        Please accept this letter as a warning to all those in this neighbourhood to lock your doors ALL the time. We slipped up once and look what happened.

        Though we didn’t see the guys face we got a good look at her. She is a caucasian female, mid-late teens, dark hair, between 5’2-5’6, thin, wearing smaller set glasses and a greenish hoodie/jacket and a back pack. He was 6’ tall and slim (we only saw his silhouette because it was still dark out.).

        Best regards,

        The Ford’s


        I’m glad your family is safe and well, that’s so scary. I also have Ambusch Security and they are great, we’ve never had a break in but I feel 100% safer knowing that my alarm will go off when a door or window opens day or night (even if we’ve accidentally forgotten to lock one). I highly recommend them, they are very affordable and very nice as well. Good luck

        May I suggest calling Ambusch Security? If you call and ask for Cheryl (tell her Shannon referred you) and she will take VERY good care of you ;-) $32/month – best money I have EVER spent!

        I’m so sorry you had to go through this! We had the same thing happen last June. Same thing, door left unlocked, never had happened before or since, seriously scary people walk around trying other people’s doors. It was 4 am and we slept through the whole thing. Stole our cell phones from our kitchen, took my car keys & stole our new car right out of our garage. We woke up to discover it was gone. It hit me hard when I realized that my 2 kids, age 6 & 9 were asleep in their beds only steps from where the bad guy was. So thankful we were all safe, but seriously traumatized. By the way, we live in Lancaster.

        Jayme! I am so sorry! I cannot imagine how you feel! I am so thankful that you are all safe. Hugs!!

        I am so happy that your family is safe. this happened to me 2 years ago, but I am single… Thank God my kids were with their father that night!

        The thing that really struck me about this… whoever the intruder was… took my car keys as well! bizarre.

        Be well, and give your husband a hug!

        Just read about your ordeal. I used to live in red deer and am now in Regina, what’s been happening here lately is that these kids have some sort of adapter that will open any garage door they point at. So whether you lock your outside doors they can open the garage door and come in the house that way and take whatever they can get, usually while you are asleep or at work. Be safe

        Holy scary! It’s depressing that this world is coming to this.

        What in the ever loving fuck? The authorities let them go because they are “young”? WHAT. THE. FUCK? So these little douche bags get more brazen…believing they won’t be held accountable…and the crimes escalate…until what? Some innocent family is going to have to get hurt before the police will take it seriously. Total bullshit. I’d be sending your letter to the local papers and be telling my story at the next city council meeting (do they have those in Canada?) …maybe address the principal at the high school… and call as much attention as possible to the situation …making it IMPOSSIBLE for the authorities to let those little bastards off the hook.

        I’m super glad you and your family are okay, Jayme….and I hope you suffer no long lasting effects from the trauma.

        Oh my gosh you guys!!! So glad everyone is ok I barely sleep with fear of this I live in a bad neighbourhood. Thank god everyone is ok!! and Congratulations I am expecting my second in March as well! Jayme you take care of yourself and try and get some rest as hard as that might be after this, Lucas is next to you. Those punks will get what coming to them!!

        Thank You for posting this. What a nightmare!

        I am so sorry to hear about your home invasion. We live in Anders Park and in the beginning of September my son and I had gone out to do some quick shopping. 2 hours later we came home and my four year old had to pee and was the first to enter and scared them off! Meanwhile I’m grabbing the shopping bags, I shudder at the thought of what may have happened if they were violent. They got away with all my good jewelery, my husbands gold bracelet, my Oakley prescription glasses, brand name clothing, and many other things. They were busy loading up my husbands car with more and were packing two more bags in the house. Passport, laptop, and booze were found in a half packed bag. We have a name and we know our invaders were a teenage male and female. Same thing with me too, didn’t fully lock the back door for the first time ever! We now have an alarm with vivident and yes it is set everyday and every night. I am in shock that they entered in at night in your home and I am very happy that you are all safe and sound. I really hope they catch these (pardon my language) assholes!!

        Wow that is a scary story!!! I’m glad you and your family are safe. I’d only mentioned to my husband the other day that people are doing stuff like this in RD!!!

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