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        Family photography can be a struggle… or it can be a beautiful way to document the wonder and chaos of ever-changing family dynamics as the kids grow up and parents let love age their relationship. It all depends on your approach. My love for photographing families has been an evolution, to say the least…At first, it was stressful and difficult. Sessions never came out how I had pictured and I was trying to take control of the session by treating every family the same. It got to the point where no matter how optimistic I was or what I had envisioned, the opposite would occur and every session would leave me frustrated and wondering why I had even said yes in the first place!

        Can you relate?

        It was maybe hard to admit at first but I figured out the problem…

        It was ME, I was the problem!

        I had no idea how to communicate with the children, their parents, or the entire family dynamic altogether. After I had children, my whole outlook changed. I realized the importance of family session photos; not only for myself but for my clients. I understood what my clients were looking for on a completely different level! I had a whole new ability to read the children and communicate with them, to ease moms of the stressful feelings they might experience if the kids aren’t on their best behaviour, the stress of finding that perfect outfit, and putting in the work to win over those uninterested Dads.

        I want to share my experiences (the good and yes, the bad) and let you in on what has and hasn’t worked for me. I want to share with you my shooting approach, all the juicy tips and tricks on how to cut your post-production time down to 2-3 hours, how to really work with families and everything in between.

        Salmon Arm Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | paperdeerphoto.com

        Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

        What's Covered

        • My Story and how I overcame being the shy girl without confidence.
        • How to really connect with your clients through the entire process.
        • How to Location Scout
        • Directing and working with children of all ages (broken down for you!), mom’s, dad’s, kids and the entire family together.
        • How to tell a story.
        • My personal nightmare session and how I’ve learned from it
        • How to survive creative burnout
        • Editing from start to finish to cut down your post-production time
        • Social Media Marketing + SEO
        • The beauty of personal projects & giving back
        • Complete Social Media/Website Review
        • Email templates

        Included in the online mentorship is:

        • 2 – 45 min private online calls with me at the beginning and end of the class where we will go over any extra questions or specific areas you’d like to work on.
        • Full portfolio & social media reviews
        • Lifetime access to the entire online course, including all future updates.
        • A private Facebook group where you can meet the other photographers taking part in the mentorship to learn from each other as we all grow together.
        • Access to me in weekly Facebook live chats where we can discuss what you are learning.
        • Weekly prompts to get you putting to action everything you are learning.

        Welcome to Unbridled Chaos

        This 3-month mentorship is intense and will help you learn to connect the dots between where you are, and where you want to be with your photography. Now is the perfect time to hustle and focus on you and your business in preparation for the 2019 busy seasons. Step into the photographer you know you can be, overcome your self-doubts, and really own your story.

        I am so excited to work with you and get you to the point where you feel yourself unwinding the once chaotic feeling and experience of working with families from start to finish. Learning from each other’s trials and victories can make us all better photographers which makes us better for our clients— and really, that’s who it’s all about!