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36 week pregnancy photo journal
March 31, 2013

red deer maternity photographer ➾ 36 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal

HAPPY EASTER! Going to keep this post short and sweet :)

Soaking in these last few weeks with our baby safe in my belly. It’s a catch 22…on one hand I can not wait to be able to run up the stairs, bend over to put my boots on or even breathe but on the other hand, the babe is safe right where it is. I am trying to push away all the fears I have when it comes to the birth (he is still breech and I am terrified of having a c-section), the surgery(s), the unknown future…all of this is completely overwhelming BUT I am keeping calm and level headed. The baby needs to be brought into a world of love and serenity and we will do our best to make sure of that.

36 week pregnancy photo journal

36 weeks pregnant


Lyndsey 09:34 March 31, 2013 Reply
Good luck with everything! I will be thinking of you and your family over the next few weeks. Turn baby turn!!!
Tracy 12:27 March 31, 2013 Reply
Turn baby, turn! C'mon little man...take away one stress for your mama! Thinking of you and completely certain that everything will be okay!
Ewan 07:36 April 3, 2013 Reply
Almost there! Good luck! Beautiful photos.

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