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        A HUGE thank you to Brittany from www.brittanyesther.com/blog/ for coming all the way up from Canmore to do our gorgeous maternity photos…I could not be happier with them <3

        A bit of an update on our little one….

        We went to our consultation in Edmonton on Monday & Tuesday and lets just say it was a lot to take in and a pretty huge reality check. This was no longer just a story that I keep repeating to others, we actually have to do this. We got to talk with a few doctors and social workers and got a run down on what’s going to happen once the baby is born, which is scary enough in itself. I will give birth at the Royal Alexander Hospital and then the baby will be transported via ambulance to the Stollery Children’s Hospital within the hour. Lucas will be able to follow behind and stay with the baby once in the NCIU where the baby will stay until the surgery around 5-7 days old. I, on the other hand won’t be discharged until roughly 6 hours later (if I have a natural birth and everything looks good) If it turns out I need a C-section (which I really hope not but the baby is STILL breech so it is a possibility) I will have to wait 48-72 hours before I am able to leave. I would be able to get a pass to go see the baby but will have to return to the Royal Alex after a few hours << this is not ideal and I would not be too stoked on it. On the plus side, if I do deliver naturally they said I could have the baby for up to an hour before they need to transfer to the Stollery. They were very adamant that the parents are not kept in the dark and are able to be around as much as they would like, including when the doctors are doing their rounds in the NCIU, we can ask questions and be as involved as we like. We also asked about the success rate of the heart surgeries and Dr. Hornburger said that the last numbers they got were a 91% success rate….super stoked to hear that. One the other hand as the baby gets older and needs the other 2 surgeries (one at 4-6 months and another at 2-5 years) the success rate does drop slightly. 4-6 months is 85-90% and 2-5 years is 75-80%….that was pretty tough to hear, I could not imagine Jensen going through a surgery like that at the age he is now but it is our reality now and I guess I will have to prepare eventually.

        They also decided to talk to us about possible chromosomal issues that could be associated with the heart defect and it was not good news…Down syndrome is always a possibility which is an extra chromosome on the 21st pair but there is also a possibility that the baby could have Trisomy 18 which is an extra chromosome on the 18th pair which is apparently very bad and they would most likely not operate on the heart if that is the case….and again, palliative care was brought up. BUT the doctor said that the other signs for that disorder are not present in our baby, for example, those baby’s have seized up hands and feet and are normally very small in size. Our little one is of normal weight (4lbs 13oz already!) so she was not too concerned but again, there is a possibility (to what of which, I will not entertain.)

        We also got to stop by and take a tour of the Ronald McDonald House….When I was working with them taking photos of families last year I never would have thought that I would be staying at one less than a year later…It is a great place for families and I know Jensen will have a blast!

        Again I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes, thoughts, prayers, love, and good energy…it is really helping <3

        And now onto my favourites from our session with Brittany!






        Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! You look amazing!!! We are constantly praying for you all! Thank you for sharing so openly. Sending lots of love and hugs and positive energy to you!!! Xo

        Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Wishing you and your family only the best!

        What a lovely family you have :) and those IMAGES are STUNNING!!! what an awesome display of what a lifestyle session should look like.

        Beautiful, praying for your wee one and your whole family”_

        My goodness, I love those wide shots outside! And that b/w of you where you can see the sun through your hair… Beautiful! Thinking of you as you get closer to the big day and wishing you all good things! xo

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