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          Hey, I'm Jayme.
          Our Journey Starts Here.

          HELLO! My name is Jayme and I am an award winning & published Family Photographer based out of Salmon Ar, BC servicing The Rocky Mountains, British Columbia and worldwide. I am so very excited to work with you and your family.

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          The Watt Family

          “Jayme has the ability to capture a moment in time like no other. Her use of light and the natural surroundings made our family photos more beautiful than I thought they could be. She can tell a story with no words, only pictures (although her written/spoken words are amazing too……). She is amazing to deal with while shooting and a true artist. The whole experience was wonderful and I can not wait to work with her more.”

          - L. Watt

          Ashley Akins

          A picture is worth a thousand words. And equally as many emotions. I look at these pictures with a full heart and tears in my eyes and am so thankful we had this opportunity work with Jayme. She took my littles uneasiness and apprehension in front the camera and discreetly captured the power of a gentle touch, an encouraging smile, and a playful laugh. I got to see our life from behind the lens and what she captured was candid, raw, real, and breathtakingly beautiful. Our photos are everything that make us “us” and as if that wasn’t enough she came prepared with dress options for me to borrow!! It was an honour to have worked with Jayme and our family will treasure these photos for a lifetime.

          - A. Akins

          The Hammond Family

          I love all the raw emotion captured from my kids, and I think we'll always remember this day. You [Jayme] had such a way of making my husband feel at ease (and actually enjoy the shoot) and I love seeing all the genuine smiles and laughing with the kids. This isn't something that always happens at our shoots, and to have all four kids in a good mood and HAVE FUN in from of the camera was nothing less than a miracle. So, thank you for whatever magic you sprinkled over us. I'll treasure these forever"

          - S. Hammond

          The Sopkow Family

          What Jayme is able to capture in a family session is pure perfection. I will be forever grateful for the feelings that I will be able to hold on to because of her photos. It is so important to me to document each stage of their lives to create these lasting memories. Whether that be the toddler's chubby, dirty finger nail hands grasping my cheeks or the one year old's fingers in her mouth from the never ending teething going on in our lives, the "imperfection' of each images is in fact, perfection

          - E. SOPKOW

          Amy Bell

          Jayme captured my boys and I in the most genuine transparent way at a time in out live that I didn't share that part of me very easily. She captured me being a mom in the very deepest of ways. Not the posing for pictures" mom, the raw, open heart, vulnerable mom. I see the images she took and they are filled with love, fear, pride and resilience that embodies motherhood for me. To have this captured for eternity is one of the greatest gifts I've been given. Jayme gave me the gift of truly being able to see my own heart

          - A. BELL