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February 26, 2015

Voted Top 100 Photographers to Watch in 2015 | Red Deer Family Photographer

This is such an incredible honour….I can’t even wrap my head round this at the moment but I was voted one of Clickin Moms Top 100 Photographers to Watch in 2015….this is just so crazy. Sometimes it feels like I am just floating around in this giant community of photographers so to be included in this list, with all of these INCREDIBLY talented professionals, feels unbelievable.

Huge thank you to Clickin Moms for this honour. Please click here and get ready to be inspired by these amazing individuals!

Clickin Moms Top 100 Photographers to Watch in 2015 | The Paper Deer Photography |

Clickin Moms Top 100 Photographers to Watch in 2015 | The Paper Deer Photography |


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