February 10, 2015

The Paper Deer Mentoring | Red Deer Family Photographer

When I first started my photography journey, I had questions. A ridiculous amount of questions….and struggled to find the answers. I was lacking in confidence, in a new city and to be honest, too intimidated by other photographers to reach out. I was fearful of them assuming I was just another “photographer” trying get in the industry. I took a handful courses online, tried to read ALL the books but something was still missing. Being a hands on learner and incredible inpatient, reading something and then trying to apply it just doesn’t work. I needed someone to physically show and explain to me what to do and why in order for it to really sink in. Someone in person to answer my questions right then and there.

I know there are others creatives out there that learn the same way I do so I am extending my knowledge to help fellow aspiring photographers who struggle to find those answers…I want to help you build confidence, something I had struggled with until I found my true calling. Introducing; The Paper Deer Mentoring!


I want to really focus on building confidence and honing in on your strengths and weaknesses, and what you really want to work on. I am an open book and will answer whatever questions you have.


If you are interested in booking on of my spring mentoring sessions, please email me at paperdeerphoto@gmail.com. I will be limiting my full day sessions to only 4 so don’t wait!

©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.cafamily photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography in the mountains | thepaperdeer.ca family photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.califestyle photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.ca family photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography in the mountains | thepaperdeer.cafamily photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.cafamily photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography in the mountains | thepaperdeer.cafamily photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.cafamily photography in the rockies | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.ca


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