October 5, 2016

the george family | moraine lake | rocky mountain photographer

ya’ll…..this session was SOO much fun!

My incredible Wildflowers sister Helen Joy and her family traveled ALL the way from Asheville, SC and met me in the Rockies for an incredible family connection session. I first met Helen Joy last year at Joy’s wildflowers workshop reunion. Let me tell you about this woman….she has an infections laugh, huge heart, and a way with words that tears deep into your soul….that type of personality that you can’t help but be drawn to. Back in Aug of last year, after the reunion, myself, Helen Joy and our good friend Amanda spent the day together traveling around Mt. Baker in Washington. It was probably one of the best days spent with new friends. Ever since then we have been catching up with each other via social media but when Helen Joy said she was coming to my neck of the woods and wanted me to photographer her and her brood, I was ELATED. I could wait to meet and squeeze her family (and her of course!). Her husband Noah, is a gentle soul and we had such a great time after our session having a few drinks by the fire at their campsite.

Helen Joy is doing an incredible photography project called Sacred Roots…please take a minute to check that out. Truly beautiful.

Thank you for your friendship, love and encouragement, my sweet friend…

all my love,


Canadian Rockies Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | thepaperdeer.ca


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