July 22, 2013

red deer family lifestyle photographer ➾ the ford’s

These four mean the world to me….My brother-in-law Jared, his wife Denise and their two girls, Joey and Shayna have been more than supportive during everything we have gone through this year. I can’t thank them enough for their selflessness and willingness to help us with whatever we need/needed. Family is so very important to me and I am humbled that I was able to show the love that these four have.


©The Paper Deer Photography


©The Paper Deer Photography // www.paperdeerphoto.com/blog

©The Paper Deer Photography // www.paperdeerphoto.com/blog

©The Paper Deer Photography // www.paperdeerphoto.com/blog

Bobbie Pastershank 15:40 July 24, 2013 Reply

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