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July 7, 2016

Taylor Family | Rocky Mountain Photographer

I have been dying to photograph a lovely family in Kananaskis Country for a very long time and was elated when Suzanne booked her session. This place is incredible….well honestly, anywhere in the rockies is incredible but this place doesn’t hold back. When I was scouting early in the afternoon, I tried to remember a few spots we spied from a couple years and totally got tricked by one of them haha. The first location was supposed to be by the river and looked identical to the place we saw a couple years ago, but when we actually got down there it definitely was not. BUT it works out anyways, cause its the rockies…..

I found this gorgeous little secluded pond just off the big horn highway, it was totally dead with no one in sight. It was our own little slice of heaven for the evening. The kids played in the water, skipped stones, threw stick and logs, and eventually stripped out of their “photo” clothes and explored free of restrictions. Around the wet side of the lake, we spied a little log teepee and couldn’t resist checking it out. Those are some of my favourite images from this session.

Thank you so much Suzanne!

Canadian Rockies Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Canadian Rockies Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography | Canadian Rockies Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography |


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