September 8, 2014

salmon arm fall fair 2014 | salmon arm lifestyle photographer

This year we decided it would be a great idea to take Jensen to his first Fall Fair…but not just any fall fair, the one I went to every year in my hometown of Salmon Arm, BC. It’s not the greatest, and its pretty small but the memories I made here are near and dear to my heart. Seeing his eyes light up with each and every ride made my momma heart full :)

I pumped him full of mini donuts and cotton candy, and kept him up super late and earned the title of “best and prettiest mom ever!”

I think these memories will stick…

fall fair | ©The Paper Deer Photography |


kelsey 04:26 September 9, 2014 Reply
JAYME!!!!!!! These are AMAZING!!!!! You sooo inspire me to capture my daily life...i don't and what you have captured of your family-true perfection to be cherished for years!!!!! xoxo

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