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January 24, 2014

red deer photographer ➾ 4/52

This week was all about weather and “firsts”

We went from piles and piles of snow shovelling to a wonderful little chinook from Hawaii (+10!)

Hudson started waving the cutest little wave and we also spied the beginnings of a tooth!

Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
18/365 ~ My new favourite Instax <3
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
19/365 ~ We spent the day shovelling off the massive amounts of snow off the roof…and by “we” I mean Lucas shovelled and I took photos…
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
20/365 ~ I really tried to just pick one but it was impossible!
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21/365 ~ With sickness and Measles out there now we are still stuck inside and away from large areas of people….longing for summer
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
22/365 ~ But we can still go visit daddy from time to time….at Classic Tattoo, watching his bro play with Lego
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
23/365 ~ “Pardon? Oh, no you must be mistaken, that wasn’t me who just chomped the kitties tail”
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
24/365 ~ So last night I spied the faint markings of a tooth on the bottom right side! I don’t think he was quite as excited when I let out a giant shriek! haha….AND yesterday he also started waving….it is the cutest thing ever!
sherri abrams 13:36 January 24, 2014 Reply
this is just the sweetest group of photos jayme:)
Mom 14:42 January 24, 2014 Reply
That is the best wave ever!! Love how he got his whole body into it by stretching out his legs too!

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