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January 18, 2014

red deer photographer ➾ 3/52

With H1N1 running ramped in Alberta and the INSANE amount of snow we’ve had, we’ve been spending A LOT of time at home *insert cabin fever here*

So I set up a cozy new reading nook on the top bunk of Jensen’s room and he’s been occupying that space frequently, scanned all of Jensen’s art and crafts, purged our closets and did ALL the laundry AND put it away! (that is a feat all its own)

Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
10/365 ~ cuddles in mom and dads bed
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
12/365 ~ more time in mom and dads bed….this time a bit more active lol
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
13/365 ~ MORE snow! The average snow fall this time of year is 39cm, we’ve had 132cm!
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
14/365 ~ Spent some time arranging Jensen’s top bunk today! Made a cozy reading/teddy bear nook and, of course, set up his trains :)
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
15/365 ~ This kid had a rough start with eating… gagged on everything which made me jump out of my skin…now he’s an eating maniac!
Lifestyle Photography - ©The Paper Deer Photography - 365 photo journal
16/365 ~ This is not the greatest photo haha but I took on the task of scanning ALL of Jensen’s crafts and art project from home and his day home in hopes of making an art yearbook for each year :)
Lifestyle Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography 2014 |
17/365 ~ This cat is the most tolerant cat on the planet, I swear….We call her our little kid guarder. She loves the boys so much, lets them pull at her ears, pull her “fur” and chase her around the living room (well, I may be exaggerating on the “chasing” part ;)

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