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August 7, 2016

mother & son connection session | Salmon Arm Photographer

My dear friend Amy (a fellow photographer, and one of my fav IG accounts to follow – seriously @bell_amy go find her) and her sweet boys Sullivan & Flynn. The day of her session, she picked up her boys in Salmon Arm from their Dad in the afternoon, after driving all the way from Calgary, and patiently waited until their session at 7pm. I knew she had plans for a holiday in Seattle but didn’t realize she was continuing the journey right after our session….Amy, you are crazy lol

So we finished up quick (around 8pm) and before the boys knew it they were all done and off for an adventure to Seattle to see their aunt and uncle.  They arrived safe and sound with the help of plenty of coffee!

I am so humbled that you trusted and would wait for me, Amy. It was so much fun photographing you and your boys, its inspiring how much you love them <3

salmon_arm_photographercomp001 salmon_arm_photographercomp002

Heather muse 18:18 August 8, 2016 Reply
Just beautiful....

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