2016 Family Connection Packages

leaf I have three exclusive packages to choose from starting at $525. Each package comes with a set amount of high resolution images with a-la-carte options for prints, canvases or additional high/low res images. Please email or use the contact form for more details.

2016 Rocky Mountain Packages

Fresh air, towering Rockies, adventure, nature and love….what else do you need?? These are some of my favourite  sessions and absolutely love doing them every year. I have an all inclusive package for these sessions that include all the digital negatives, travel and much more! Email for more info

What to Wear


Clothing is probably the most challenging part of preparing for your photo shoot. I will usually give examples through my past work or my good ol’ “What to Wear” Pinterest boards! I often suggest taking what you would normally wear and bumping it up a notch. Here are a few rules I tell my clients:
• Be timeless. Choose outfits and accessories that aren’t considered too trendy.
• Mom and Dad in solid neutrals and kids in colour/patterns
• No logos
• Bring an extra outfit for everyone, just in case!
• Most importantly, make sure you are comfortable. If you don’t feel like yourself, it will show in the photographs.

I am here to help! If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure, just shoot me an email or text and I can offer you some guidance. Some of my favourite shops and stores: Anthropologie, Free People, Wheat, Gap, H&M

For more inspiration, please pop over to my Pinterest boards;
• Spring/Summer
• Fall/Winter

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