Dose Coffee Co. Photo Shoot
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On Monday I had the privilege of photographing the shop and crew of Dose Coffee Co. Now, some of you may not know, but I LOVE COFFEE....and even though i've had to cut back due to the little babe that is growing ever so fast in my belly, I still enjoy hanging out in quant little shops, sipping my decaf and editing away :) Dose is, BY FAR, my favourite place in Red Deer. The ambiance, uniqueness and the ever pleasant staff make this place what it is.  
Red Deer Maternity Photographer
red deer maternity photographer ➾ 28 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal
So this week is going to take on a bit more serious of a tone....its a bit of a long one but there are photos, I promise :) On Dec 17th we had our 20 week ultrasound and was informed that I had a 2 vessel cord (one artery and one vein instead of two arteries and one vein) no big deal but something to keep an eye on for sure. The tech couldn't quite see the heart due to the position of the baby so we rescheduled to have another ultrasound in January. Now, I had this ultrasound done at Women's Imaging Centre I DO NOT recommend going here, AT ALL. Just to forewarn anyone in Red Deer that has an ultrasound booked there, go elsewhere. So Anyways ...
Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal - Week 25
red deer maternity photographer ➾ 25 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal
Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal - ©The Paper Deer Photographer
red deer maternity photographer ➾ 23 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal
Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal ©The Paper Deer Photography
red deer maternity photographer ➾ 22 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal
red deer family lifestyle photographer ➾ Jensen
 This lifestyle session is simple. Just my son, my bed and my camera but it means more to me than anything other session I have done... A few days ago,  we found out that our baby to be (due in April) has a heart defect and will need surgery within the first week of life with a possibility of 3 subsequent surgeries after that until the age of 4. Not the greatest way to kick off a new year. I was quite low and depressed but knew that I needed to get out of the funk. I have always said that photography is my therapy, when i'm behind the camera I don't think about anything other than what is going on in that exact moment  and this session I ph ...
A Personal Post……
This is a letter I wrote to all my neighbours..... At 6:10 am Monday morning, my husband and I awoke to a man in our bedroom. Him and young women broke into our home through the back garage door and tried to get away with our lap top and cell phones and who knows what else. I awoke to noises which I thought was my 2 1/2 year old son playing with his toys, I nudged my husband and asked him to tell our son to go back to sleep because it was too early (I had been up with him from 4-430 because he had a bad dream) I rolled back over to check to see what time it was and noticed that it was 6:10 (WAY too early for him to be up) Then I heard foot ...
red deer maternity photographer ➾ 21 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal