December 20, 2016

amanda, evanie & noa | Rocky Mountain Family Photographer

Sometimes when you have close photographer friends that feel the weight of having growing children slipping through their fingers as much as you do, you just take a trip out to the mountains, brave the cold (well compared to the temperatures the past few weeks, this was summer lol), and hold your kids as close as you can. Amanda and I traded session back in October and it was so great to finally get a chance to photograph her and her two sweet little ladies.

When I take these types of images, I take them with the children in mind. These images are not just for us as parents but for our children, our children’s children and so on. Think for a minute about an image of you and your mom (or dad), does it exist? I don’t have many from when I was very small but oh how I cherish the few that I do have. I want my kids to know what I looked like at every age; when I was pregnant, or a new mom complete with bags under my eyes and that soft squishy belly or when I was fresh faced and basking in the glow of my boys.

I need to prove that I existed.

That I was there.

I want them to have these images to look back on, to try and remember that very day and how extraordinarily ordinary it was.

Canadian Rockies Family Photography | ©The Paper Deer Photography |

Lix 09:55 December 21, 2016 Reply
Do you hate pinterest for some reason? I always want to pin your images but of course, because they're a massive long reel, I can't. :( Love seeing them, but ugh.
    paperdeerphoto 12:20 December 30, 2016 Reply
    lol it would seem like it hey? haha I find that pining only one image doesn't really tell the story - and honestly, its so much easier to compile and upload one photo vs uploading 30-40

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