Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal
February 11, 2013

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This past week we had our follow up appointment in Calgary…and while we had lots of our questions answered, a whole new pile arose. This weeks ultrasound showed that the baby’s left ventricle is not growing very much and might be too small to repair. Meaning our best case scenario will now be our worst case, making the heart into a single pump. Not what we wanted to hear….

The other thing that was brought to our attention was there is now fluid in the baby’s lungs…the doctor said this could just be a viral infection (we had all been sick for the month of January so it’s entirely possible) OR it could be something more serious…a chromosomal issue or the beginnings of heart failure (which was not the case as the baby’s heart showed no signs of heart failure). We will see on Wednesday (Feb 13th) if it has cleared up at all or if other parts of the body have fluid in them as well (which at this time, they do not)

What the fluid means….

If it turns out the baby has fluid under its skin or in other organs the doctor said they would hold of on the heart surgery as there is a far more serious issue that may not be treatable. <<– this is not something that I am even going to entertain at this point. The doctor said he did not see fluid anywhere  else so we are very hopeful this is just a viral infection and it will clear up on its own.

We have a very strong baby and I am extremely confident that it will pull through and be completely normal :)

How i’m feeling:

– very unprepared….I don’t know how to prepare myself for what we will see once the baby is out of surgery

– I’m nervous for Jensen…I don’t want him to feel like i’ve left him alone while we focus on the new little one

– Terrified, hopeful, positive, nervous, worried, too many emotions to even comprehend…..but…….

…..there is good news…..

Baby has almost DOUBLED in 3 weeks! From 1lb 8oz to nearly 3 lbs!

Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal

Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal

Tracy 14:38 February 11, 2013 Reply
Jayme...I implore you to find some CHD support groups and talk to mama's that have been through what you're going through...they'll have valuable tips for you and support and will be able to help you understand what your baby will go through. I will continue to send positive thoughts to you and your family. xx
Brittney 15:16 February 11, 2013 Reply
This brought me to tears. Praying constantly for your little one and for all of you. Sending positivity your way!! Love you guys.
Meranda 17:21 February 11, 2013 Reply
Oh Jayme. My heart and prayers are with you and your family and your precious little baby. Your strength and positivity is so uplifting. This baby is so blessed to be coming in to your home. My hopes are for good news. This baby is a miracle and I have no doubts that he/she is meant to be here and for a purpose. Love and well wishes xo
Terisa 19:59 February 11, 2013 Reply
praying for this sweet little watermelon! And for you all! May peace be your guide!!
Stephanie Clark 17:24 February 13, 2013 Reply
You are absolutely beautiful

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