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February 3, 2013

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So this week is going to take on a bit more serious of a tone….its a bit of a long one but there are photos, I promise :)

On Dec 17th we had our 20 week ultrasound and was informed that I had a 2 vessel cord (one artery and one vein instead of two arteries and one vein) no big deal but something to keep an eye on for sure. The tech couldn’t quite see the heart due to the position of the baby so we rescheduled to have another ultrasound in January. Now, I had this ultrasound done at Women’s Imaging Centre I DO NOT recommend going here, AT ALL. Just to forewarn anyone in Red Deer that has an ultrasound booked there, go elsewhere.

So Anyways, I booked at the other imaging centre for Jan 11th. Being stressed out enough with the 2 vessel cord (could be a marker for Downs Syndrome or other chromosomal disorders) I was nervous for this visit. It started out as a routine ultrasound, went in they asked a few questions, did their thing, got to see the little one doing some gymnastics, it was great…..then she started asking questions that were not the norm….”Did you have the screening done at 11 weeks? Why didn’t refer you to the high risk clinic in Calgary? Do you know the more serious complications with 2 vessel cords?” <– Ummm no, Dr. Awad said that it could possible mean a extra digit or missing digit but the ultrasound looked very normal, ya thanks for the good briefing “doctor”. We finished up and she said she was going to see the doctor and have him come in and chat with us about the ultrasound. A short wait later, passing time watching Spiderman on my iPhone with Jensen and the doctor came in. “We have some concerns….” Now at this point I got really hot and my head got all fuzzy….no one wants to hear those words about your new baby. “The baby has, what looks like, an echogenic (bright) bowel {another marker for Downs} and the left side of the heart looks to be quite a bit smaller than the right…that mixed with the 2 vessel cord has us concerned and we would like you to see our colleagues in Calgary.” –insert tears here

They sent us on our way….this was Friday….we had to wait until Monday or Tuesday to here back from Calgary as to when our appointment would be. Talk about a stressful weekend.

Tuesday comes around and Calgary phoned and said they would like to see me the next morning at 745am, so we packed up and spent the night in Calgary to avoid that horrid early morning traffic. Another ultrasound on my sweet little growing baby. The tech was amazing, super nice and answered all my questions as best she could. Lucas’ wasn’t in the room much as we had Jensen and, well, he’s 2 1/2 and not interested in sitting still while we try to learn whats going on with his little brother or sister. After doing an ultrasound and echocardiogram, we waited for the cardiologist to look at all the photos and recordings to let us know what the prognosis was. We were lead into a little room where Dr. Fruitman met us. Jensen, still being crazy and having tantrum after tantrum was really starting to stress me out. She first drew up a normal heart, that you or I have, then what our baby’s heart looks like. Long story short, the baby has a smaller left side resulting Ventricular Septal Defect and a thin aorta. The septum that divides the right and left ventricle does not reach all the way to the top, leaving a little hole. This will need to be fixed via surgery shortly after the baby is born.

This is our best case scenario.

{at this time Jensen had finally given up and passed out on my chest, I was overwhelmed with this news and he was going crazy which added to my stress but and at the sight him sleeping it all caught up to me…..I started bawling…such a sweet and innocent little boy, I love him so very much, even when he’s crazy}

Worst Case scenario –> during the remainder of the pregnancy the left side does not grow in relation to the right….this would require making the heart into a single pump, which means 3 more surgeries until the baby is between the age of 2-4. We are hopeful that this will not be the case and are putting lots and lots of positive vibes out to the universe…

The good news? No echogenic bowel was detected at this ultrasound and that brings down the chance of a chromosomal abnormality. The baby is measuring right on time and is of average size, big relief! Everything looks else looks great, moving around lots and otherwise a perfectly normal baby :)

What’s next?

We have a follow up ultrasound this coming Wednesday (Feb 6th) and at that time we will know a bit more about how the heart is growing and have a few questions answered for us. What we do know is that we will need to relocate to Edmonton for the delivery around 37 weeks so the baby can have the surgery up there…not my ideal situation but the cardiologist said that I will be able to have a completely normal birth (no c-section or induction, thank goodness.) We will have a 2 day orientation in Edmonton around 33-34 weeks to meet the surgeons and have the full run down as to what is going to happen after the birth and when the surgery will take place (most likely within 4-5 days)

The first few days were rough…i’m not going to lie, I was pretty low….but now that we know whats going on and can prepare ourselves for whats to come, we can only be positive….and we are :)

I will keep everyone posted on our situation as more information becomes available to us but I just thought this post would be a good idea and it would answer any questions that people had.

In light of this news we also decided to find out the gender of our baby to better prepare us for when we get back to Red Deer after the surgery, but we’re only telling close friends and family at this time, the rest will have to wait ;)

Now to the photos!…..

Red Deer Maternity Photographer

Red Deer Maternity Photographer

Bree 14:48 February 3, 2013 Reply
Prayers and looooove from New Mexico!!!
Debra Murphy 15:00 February 3, 2013 Reply
Sending positive vibes for all of you. Can't imagine the heartache as you venture through this. Your strength and love will carry you through and I can't wait to see the beautiful family pics when baby #2 arrives. Love the beautiful maternity pictures and can't help but think back to the crap you put up with when I was pregnant :)
Tracy 15:37 February 3, 2013 Reply
Oh Jayme...and Lucas and Jensen! So so many positive vibes and good thoughts coming your way from a stranger in Southern California. How awesome is it that this sweet baby will be born during a time doctors know SO MUCH more about heart defects than they used to? I have a cousin that had a heart transplant at 6 weeks postpartum! The advances in medicine are amazing...inconceivable ...unbelievable! Sending you peace and strength, Jayme.
Dawn Cooper 20:15 February 3, 2013 Reply
Oh Jayme this sounds so heart wrenching and painful. It sounds like you have a great doctor (now) that will help everything turn out so successful. Thanks for sharing such personal news..for sure out prayers and positive thoughts will be with you ad your family.
Rebekah 11:13 February 4, 2013 Reply
I've been through two pregnancies & had complications both times. Both times things ended up being ok in the end. Good for you for doing some research, pushing back, asking questions & demanding the service you feel you & your baby need. My knowledge/experience with the health care system is from BC, but I know it as a patient, a parent, & have worked at the Ministry itself in several departments. There are WAYS to make the system work FOR you if you know how to go about it. Sounds like you are bright, bold & empowered enough to do that. If you need to chat, send me an email, ok?
Papa & Grandma 14:56 February 5, 2013 Reply
Jayme & Lucas- How blessed your unborn baby is to have such loving parents. We know that your love & care will conquer any trials that the baby may have. Stay positive and remember that your family and new baby are in our thoughts & prayers. We are so proud of both of you and our little" great grandson-Jensen".
tannis 13:17 December 10, 2014 Reply
I also had a frightening ultrasound at "dr" awadoffice, side note he delivered my first baby and it resulted in three corrective surgeries for me, blood transfusion and so much more. this baby he said I had a blood clot and was like see ya later....what?? is baby OK? he's like no we didn't hear heartbeat so itccould be dead but your. dr will contact you. we were beside ourselves with worry..we went to the ultrasound labbin westpark, they were amazing! gave us a DVD showing baby wiggling around, happy growing as it should be.I don't know how that place is open. good luck with babe, prayers for u and your family

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