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Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal
December 3, 2012

red deer maternity photographer ➾ 19 weeks ➾ weekly pregnancy photo journal

Almost at the half way point!

Weekly Pregnancy Photo Journal


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I saw a quote the other day that really resonated with me...this explains perfectly why I am moving farther away from digital... "Shooting Digital is like marrying that sensible girl - the one that went to Wellesley, from a good family and wears well made comfortable shoes. Sure, in many respects she'll make a good wife, but after a while the marriage might feel a little hollow. On the other hand, shooting film would be like marrying a flaky artist. She's quirky and maddeningly disorganized. She can't be trusted with a credit card or to pick the kids up from soccer practice on time. But she's just a beautiful person inside and out and makes ...
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The boys and I set out to the mountains at the beginning of November to enjoy one of the last - and very unusual - warm days of the year (it was 14C degrees that day!) for one of our favourite shops in Edmonton, Shop The Skinny! We stayed at one of our favourite places in Dead Man's Flats and it has the cutest little abandoned cabin & windmill ever. I've been wanting to photograph the boys here forever and now was the perfect opportunity! After lunch we zipped up the mountain to spray lakes and pulled over at the absolutely most gorgeous location. It was so perfect....the crisp smell of the trees and fresh snow.....I could believe how ...
A few weeks ago I decided to test out a bunch of different cameras and film stock in the same environment, with a somewhat willing 3 1/2 year old. There is this little spot in the house that has the most beautiful light around 10am, so I bribed asked jensen if he would help mommy with an experiment. I was super happy with the results and even though I thought I totally killed the roll of Delta 3200, it actually turned out really pretty. First up is my Leica M3 & Fuji 400H...I may or may not have gasped at the shot of Jensen's back.... Leica M3 & Delta 3200 (pulled 2 stops) - These turned out so soft and beautiful, I love the del ...